32 Things I Have Learned in 32 Years of Life

I know this may come as a surprise to you because I look so good, but I am in fact turning 32 years young today! By no means does it feel like 32 years of my life have gone by already, I swear I still feel in my early twenties. HOWEVER, I am so glad I am not in my early twenties still. I am definitely a more rounded human being now than when I was 22.

I thought it might be fun to share some of my wisdoms. A lot of these you will have already seen reflected in my embarrassing stories. Some of these need no further explanation. And some of these are probably obvious, but maybe not put into practice on a regular basis. These are my things, so take it all with a grain of salt! I know these may not speak to everyone. Oh, and I lied (something I am still working on, haha). I couldn't think of 32 original things that I have learned so I am doing 21 things I have learned that have multiple parts that may or may not add up to 32 :)

Here We Go!

1. Let your weird flag fly >>> I sing my actions. I tell silly jokes. I dance in department stores to the horrible lounge music. I cackle. I snort. And I own it.  I have met and kept my best friends because of my weirdom. I tell B all the time that he loves that I am weird. He knows it. 

2. You don't have to go to college right out of highschool... you don't even have to go to a 4 year university... you don't even have to go to college >>> Take some time to decide if you need it. 18 is young and we don't always make rational decisions. 

3. Trends are just that... they don't last forever >>> Stick with your version of classic and you will never be out of style. 

4. Hair grows back. Eyebrows don't always.

Highschool Swim Team.jpg

5. Fear of embarrassment is Just. Not. Worth. It. This somewhat ties into #1 about just being weird if that's who you are, but it goes beyond that to so many other aspects of your life.  Don't be afraid to go to a new gym because you might feel stupid on new machines. Don't be afraid to wear something bright or different just because you might be embarrassed to stand out a bit more than the others. Go for that crazy haircut.  Hair grows back and for the time being a ponytail will hide all!

6. Family is life >>> My sisters are the best. I miss them more than anything in the world while I am living my life in Boston and they are sharing in each other's lives (middle child feeling left out over here!). I hate being away from my mom and my dad. BUT when I do get to be at home with them it's the best. No other people in this whole world make me laugh like they do.  No other people in the world are as kindly judgmental as they are (the truth hurts, but it stings a little less coming from the sisters). 

7. This ties in with #6 >>> Call your parents. They want to hear from you. 

8. A tan is an instant confidence boost >>> but do a spray tan please! I spent a lot of my youth in the sun and in tanning beds and the wrinkles are real! The constant fear that I have already ruined my skin are real! The panic at every new mole is real! Just paint that confidence on, okay?

9. It's ok to wear your heart on your sleeve >>> At least that is what I keep telling myself. I prefer an honest reaction so I give an honest reaction. Sorry not sorry.

10. Don't stay in a relationship because it's easier to or because it's comfortable. 

11. Take a breather before you react >>> I know this kind of contradicts the previous point, but I spent a lot of my youth very angry. Not all the time, but I had horrible anger management.  My temper was quick and extreme. I have learned to breathe a little more before I react and just take a minute to think about what is being said to me, what the other person means, intention of the person, and the way I feel after I bitch someone out.  It is a waste to get so mad so quickly, and you only end up feeling bad about yourself because you immediately recognize you overreacted.

12. Be the first one to say you're "Sorry" >>> It's not a sign of weakness to be the first to recognize you were wrong and to want to make amends. Nip the fight in the bud and get on with the good times. Grudges and anger are such a waste of time.

13. Laugh at yourself.


14. Experiences are more worth your money than things.

15. Education is incredibly important, but don't take it too seriously >>> School is fun because you make relationships, you learn in the classroom and out of the classroom, and you expand your experiences. It's not all about the test, so take the time to listen attentively and to everything around you. Learning doesn't stop at that degree or certificate.

16. Find something that makes you happy >>> Not your job. I don't believe that it's always plausible to do what you love for a living and, you know what? That's ok. Find something else that makes you happy and keeps you getting up in the morning.  For me it is baking, triathlons, and being social. I love being around people. I love to eat. And I love to workout. Find one thing that isn't a job and do it.

17. Quality over quantity >>> Find a good group of friends and stick with that. You don't have to have a million friends. The ones that make you laugh, the ones you can text randomly when you see something funny, the ones that have your back, are the ones worth having.  Acquaintances are fine, but a small group of besties are the best.

18. Not everyone will like you, so don't pretend to be something you are not.

19. Change is healthy.

20. Your health is VERY important. Take time for yourself and treat your body kindly.

21. Pay attention >>> Be mindful of what is going on around you.  You never know when a new opportunity will arise. Look around. Notice when someone (stranger or not) might need a pick me up. Be kind. Give a random compliment. Listen to other people. You never know what wisdom they might offer. Be open to opinions. Have discussions. Keep an open mind. Everyday offers a new lesson. 


I think that will do me for now. I hope this year carries with it more lessons. I am never done growing. What are some wisdoms your life has brought you? Comment below or on my birthday Instagram post.  I have so many recipes ready to post, I just need to learn how to make more time in my day to edit! :)

Happy Eating!!