5 Things Only the Fitzgerald Brothers Would Understand

1. Shopping at Mom's. Does your mom receive a lot of free travel/sample-sized skin care, makeup, and hair care items? No?! Boy, are you missing out! Shopping at Mom's is one of the best reasons to go home. You get to dig through the bags of free goodies, ask if you can have it, then take it home to try. There is also a pretty cool original song you can sing while you scavenge.

2. Biking is hard. The older of the bros has taken a speedy ride down the hill of our childhood home a few times. Once into a fence at the dead end of the road, and once into the outdoor "kitty litter box" that the neighborhood felines frequented. I myself broke my two front teeth falling off a bike... as an adult.

3. Kelly's Kutters. A fine childhood prank that still makes me LOL when I think about it. I may have to name my kid Kelly one day (after her/his lovely, well-humored auntie) just to label her/his school scissors, "Kelly's Kutters" at the very sensitive age of nine. Watch the fury unfold. Classic sibling jokes.

4. Tumbs. This one goes out to the cuzzos around the world, too. I know my father is not the only of the Fitzpatrick siblings that likes to give the "Tumbs Up" (that's "thumbs up" for all of you without Irish parents). One "tumb" is pretty much the highest of the compliments you can expect from Dad. Two "tumbs?" The joy is indescribable. 

5. Sweet Factory. This one is tougher to explain because some might deem it child abuse. JK, JK. But seriously what mother buys a ten pound bag of candy and then tortures her children by only allowing them to have one tiny piece a day and then locks it in her car? Forillz, Mom?

More recipes coming VERY soon.  I promise.