North Bay Fires

It has been a crazy... scratch that... sad... scratch that... incredibly devastating, f***ed up week... still not strong enough. I have had a lump in my throat since Monday morning. My eyes are constantly welled up with tears. My fists are cramping from my anger filled rage against the madness this world is facing. My heart is completely broken. I don't feel I can comment on the matter fully, because I am incredibly lucky. While I have loads of family and my very best friends up in Sonoma, Napa, and Santa Rosa, they are all safe. I know people who have lost a lot. I don't know most who lost everything. I am physically so far removed from the devastation having transplanted my life in Boston, but my heart and soul is in those hills and a part of that country. It makes me miss home even more. More than anything else I can possibly express, I am so proud of the incredible kindness my fellow native Californians have shown their neighbors. Risking their lives to put out the flames. Working through the nights to save their neighbors homes. Putting themselves in harms way to save their neighbors' dogs... to save their neighbors' lives! From the ashes has come an outpouring of kindness and support beyond what any of us probably could have fathomed. Thank you California. I think I was starting to forget that the good people far outweigh the bad. I am with you. My heart is with you. I am sorry. I don't know what else to say. I'm sorry. There is a valuable lesson to be learned about resilience, human decency, kindness, faith, the bonds of family and friendships, patriotism, selflessness, bravery... The world is a mad place right now and we all need to be a little kinder to each other... myself included. 

Please consider making a donation to give support and aid to those trying to piece their lives back together. Below are a few of the places you can contribute, but their are many GoFundMe pages to directly help those families whose homes have been brought down to rubble. Let's not also forget all of those affected by the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and Houston and beyond. And those victims of the Vegas shootings.