The Forgotten

I posted a teaser on Instagram last week for the English Muffins recipe. Did you see it? No?! Well you should definitely follow @bellylaughsblog on Instagram.  I post a lot of motivational food things. Like quotes about how I have no portion control, and how I fix that stomach ache the next day. It’s pretty cool. Anyway, I posted the teaser while I was waiting on the tarmac at Logan airport to head home for a weekend of wedding celebrations. In the caption, I included a friendly reminder to the big sister to pick me up at the airport when I got in, and immediately went into a little bit of a chuckle fit. My memory was jogged and I couldn’t stop laughing… the “I’m in public, so silent but you can see shoulders shake” kind of laugh.

A churro makes every grumpy child happy again. Right, Kel?

A churro makes every grumpy child happy again. Right, Kel?

Kelly, our littlest Fitzgerald bro, was forgotten all too often. I am sure every family has a story about a forgotten kid. None of it was serious. She never got hurt. She might have cried a little, but she was fiiiinneee. I’m pretty sure she forgot all about it and never ever brings it up anymore. Hahaha. Lies.

Let’s run through the scenarios, shall we? She got lost in Safeway (grocery store) once and wandered the aisles whimpering trying to find us.  We were not looking for her (We didn’t realize she was missing! So sue me!), so when she showed up all sweaty, red faced, and upset we were confused. Then there was the time she got separated from us in a CVS (pharmacy) and one of the employees found her and announced her name over the PA system. We may have been one foot out the door. It’s a little fuzzy. Then there was a second time she was separated from us and she was so seasoned that she just walked up to the cashier and they announced our lost child.

There was also the time we were in Solvang, a little Dutch tourist trap town in California, walking down the street and decided to go into the store. Kelly was often in a land of her own mind’s creation so she didn’t notice us go into the store. She kept walking and was eventually intercepted by two sweet old ladies who kept mind of her until my grandpa realized she wasn’t with us and found her. When the ladies asked Kelly if she knew this man, she responded in her usual “yeah, duh” way, “He’s my grandpa.” I don’t think she realized she was lost.

That's us in Solvang, CA. That's Kelly with her head in the clouds. May have been the ACTUAL day we lost her.

Then there was the ultimate. Kelly was about twelve years old, so in 7th or 8th grade and Tara, a newly licensed Junior in high school, was supposed to pick her up after school. You can see where this is going, but allow me to continue. Tara went off to hang out at her friend’s house after school. Kelly went to her school’s extended daycare after it became apparent that someone was running late to pick her up. About 4 hours later, Tara remembered she was supposed to pick up Kelly.  U-turn on Highway 1 and speed back up to the city, and there was Kelly.  The sole child left at extended care. Boy, was she pissed! She convinced Tara to buy her food in exchange for her silence. She got the food and still told my parents. There may have been a laugh involved in punishment.

See! She's fine!

In any case, Kelly turned out just fine. Youngest children are probably more overlooked than the middle child in many ways. This story proves it.

More recipes coming soon. I forgot two batches of my next recipe in the oven and burned them so that one is still in the test kitchen.

Happy Eating!!