Center of Attention...


My name is Katie Fitzpatrick and I love food.  All of the food... well I don't love mayonnaise or pickles, but the rest is fantastic.  Food makes me happy, happiness means laughter, and laughter burns calories. So laugh harder and earn more food! 

In case you ever have the pleasure of dining with me, beware I will order more than we can physically consume just so I can have a bite of everything that strikes my fancy on a menu. But I tell good stories so it's totally worth it.  Remember: hard laughter = more calories burned = more food.


Hungry for more...


I have lived in Boston for a few years now (since Nov 2014), but I grew up in the Bay Area.  If you have ever been to San Francisco then you are aware of how spoiled NorCal dwellers are with supreme access to fresh local produce, delicious seafood, inspiring bakeries, and genius chefs opening unique restaurants daily. Literally daily.  

I figured out about half way through my undergrad what I loved most was being in the kitchen. So, after graduating from University of California, Santa Barbara, I enrolled myself in culinary school in SF. Now the proud owner of a BA in English Literature and a culinary degree in Baking and Patisserie, much to the demise of my father, and true to the American tradition of not using your earned degree(s), I pursued a career in Finance. BUT I was still always in the kitchen whipping up tasty treats for anyone willing to eat them, and when I should have been focused on selling equities I was really dreaming up the next great cookie combo.

Following the tradition of being untraditional...

With the big 3-0 looming I decided it was finally time for me to put my degree(s) to use! Up until this quarter life crisis moment, my culinary degree had become a fun fact, a conversational piece on my resume, and a line that got my boyfriend to date me. No more, my friends! It's time to share what that expensive degree (and natural talent) gave me!  

Belly Laughs is a baking blog all about sharing! Stories, adventures, laughs, experiences, and most importantly recipes. I am "slaving" away in the kitchen every week to bring you simple recipes that take the guesswork out of many of life's baking mysteries. While you can eat all that you bake on your own, it's much more fun to share with friends! Plus, who doesn't like a nice compliment now and again? 

Trust me, the kitchen isn't as scary as some may have you believe. Belly Laughs will help you discover your new happy place!  

See, Dad, I told you culinary school wouldn't be a waste ;)